Rita was posing on a prominent lamp post downtown today, when I noticed the moon was in perfect position behind her! I didn’t have my camera with me and cursed! I rode home as fast as I could and grabbed it and came back……but too late Rita had already flown the coup! I was afraid that would happen! So I sat there for over a hour calling to get her to come back. People must have thought I was crazy! I literally had given up and was beginning to walk back home with my bike in hand when I heard her calling me back! I turned and saw her back on her lamp post! I rode back and began to take some shots of her! She was making these cute single clucking sounds. (Robbie was MIA btw)

Sometimes she would make this single loud call! She looked like a wolf barking madly at the moon! I actually think she was just getting impatient with me and simply wanted her treat!

34 thoughts on “A RAVEN’S TALE

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun story of you and Rita, Wayne. And these photos are remarkable. The moon, the light reflecting on her feathers, her features…truly a joy.

  2. Stunning photos of Rita you have here Wayne, especially the one “singing” – how lucky for you that you could lure her back to the same spot. I know I hate when I don’t have the camera with me and need to go home again to get it. That wingspan on Rita is pretty big!

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