I feed the downtown Crows usually each day. They like to perch on my bicycle handlebars. I hand feed these Crows. Others like to perch on a nearby metal container. I call these Crows “Jumpers” as they like to play a jumping game with me!

I toss a piece of bread up into the air and they all jump to grab it! They are very agile flyers! Sometimes one will miss it but swoop back down to catch it on the second try! Several dozen Crows like this game and so the competition can be fierce at times and yes the feathers do fly!

When they see me riding down the street many join to escort me to our gaming “spot”!

There is one Crow who will take a piece of bread from my hand as I am riding. I call this one “Bandit”!

Crows are very intelligent creatures. One of their greatest strengths is in their numbers! Sometimes a Crow will foolishly grab Robbie or Rita’s treat! That’s when a Crow gets beat up and a cacophony of screaming Crows ensues! They don’t call this a “murder” for nothing! It does raise the hair on the back of your neck!


46 thoughts on “CRAZY CROWS

      1. by tossing out old bread on the front lawn. They’ll figure it our when Sadie isn’t seen.
        Go to a bakery and ask If they have old bread they are giving out? You need to keep a routine with them. A few will come to the veranda railing for hand feed treats~

      2. We don’t have cats, but the neighbors have one. I’ve never seen that cat anywhere near our deck. We have squirrels, though, and that’s why we don’t use a platform feeder any more.

      1. and you would be 100% correct Liz! Sometimes I go over and give them a small piece of bread and tell them to throw it! Of course they throw terribly but the Crows still swoop in to grab in! Much to the child’s amusement!

  1. I love those intelligent creatures. Sometimes they besiege the bird feeding places in the nearby park and scare away the little tits, nuthatches and goldfinches, but they don’t do any harm to them, and leave the place when they have satisfied their hunger.

  2. Wonderful close-ups. Crows around here are always on the lookout for food. They are through an entire pillar of suet in one day until we learned to put a mess netting around it. We had a single solitary ‘house’ crow at our lake house. He came each time we visited.

  3. I like that first picture – it’s a stern look like your teacher might have given you for doing something wrong. Pretty amazing close-ups Wayne … so close up that on a black background, you can clearly distinguish the crow with its feathers and the last one, the long beak with just a bit of bread crumb caught in it.

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