I’ve been trying to get to know two Ravens the last few months,Robbie and Rita. Robbie wasn’t around tonight but Rita came over to say hello!

Bar none Ravens are the most intelligent creature out there! There are humans……and than Ravens! When they look at you,you can see the gears turning. They’re figuring you out before you do!

They also hold mythological status in many cultures! If your superstitious,don’t piss off a Raven..they have friends! A gathering of Ravens is called a unkindness,a conspiracy or a congress. I lean towards congress myself!

With Eagles the females are larger than the males,with Ravens the males are larger than the females. I hope to get some shots of Robbie!

Harrased Raven

Acouple of crows didn’t’ like Mr.Raven hanging around and decided to be rather rude I thought!
I don’t think the Raven appreciated their behavior either. Considering they are cousins basically.
A group of Ravens is called a “Unkindness” or a “Murder”. Crows,as you know are also called a “Murder”. They also are called the following; Hover,Muster,Parcel and Horde.
I think both the Ravens & Eagles would call them something else!!

Crow Chasing a Raven

You can see how hard the crow is staring at Mr.Raven. He’s staring very intently at him. If looks could kill………………this guy would get a “A” for effort!
Raven’s are very smart! Some think more so than the average dog.They problem solve and not many do that! They are one of two species that appears to have toys. They have been observed to take a twig and play with it.
The other species are Dolphins that have been observed playing with their air bubbles.
They imitate other birds and humans and have insight. They use tools and have displayed very interesting behavior.
If their mate goes missing ,they will often times alter their voice to sound like their mate. This helps draw in the mate.
I cannot think of a more beautiful creature than a Raven!(don’t ask me about Crows)

Being Chased

I don’t know if this is Moe or Maggie? The Ravens were nesting over on Morpheus island and chase poor old Moe and his mate away all the time. Eagles will eat their eggs if they get the chance.
However,if their food is steady and plentiful.I see no reason why they would?
After the nesting for the Ravens was over(2 months at most),the Ravens took off and Moe/Maggie resumed their perch trees on Morpheus Island.