33 thoughts on ““THEIR BACK”!

    1. thanks for reblogging Michael!
      They gather on isolated rocks out front of a salmon stream. At high tide they swim upstream,get a bite and return. I’ve been going upstream and seen a few coming back at mach speed! They appear like a torpedo and zip past!

    1. I’ve found that If I stop the boat to take shots they all freak out and dive into the water but If I keep moving they will stay put. That means I have to basically do a drive by, shooting while travelling which is tricky.

    1. They are part of the clean up crew. When the salmon spawn they die and float downstream. Bears and Seals grab these. They are low fruit but they do go after the live ones as well! I’ve seen salmon with claw marks on them, which looked like Seal claws to me.

      1. I remember when this happened … I didn’t remember where it was and then I am not even sure I had heard of Vancouver Island (didn’t follow you until 2018). I remember thinking I’d have moved away after it snapped the first time, let alone the second time when she got dunked. The sea lion was pretty quick grabbing her like that!

      2. Oh I didn’t realize they were feeding it – wow. I remember the story made the news here and at the time I thought “well I hope they don’t kill the sea lion” as I thought she got too close too. I didn’t realize they were going for a photo op … I wouldn’t have sat there after it tried to nip me!

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