58 thoughts on “UP UP AND AWAY!

      1. Oh good point. One of the defining characteristics of Herons is that kink in their 6th or 7th vertebrae that allows them to fold their necks back in flight, unlike Cranes. I found a pterodactyl fossil photo that has that same neck bone feature. So your guess is a lot better than you may realize about the connection between the two big birds!

    1. I’ve never heard of this bird Robbie,so I looked it up. They sound way worse than a Heron! A Heron as long as you leave it alone won’t make a peep but these Hadeda’s make lots of noise all the time. It said Sept is their breeding season and so they said they are even more vocal!
      Good luck!

    1. Thanks Doug! My panning abilities has improved over time. I knew he was going to jump so all I had to do is keep the centre focus point on the body as it moved quickly!
      Yes, Babsje and I were talking about how primal they appear and sound!
      She says the pterodactyl has the same neck bones as a Heron, allowing it to coil it’s neck back while in flight.
      I know you have a fondness for the Blues!

  1. I understand that while blue herons are pretty large, they are very light.
    On my walk the other day I saw what I am sure was a ‘small blue heron’ – that’s what’s it’s called – in a marshy area nearby. The color and shape were spot on.
    Great pictures, Wayne.

  2. “One thing about Blue Herons is that they are very beautiful but very squawky! They always sound pissed off!”. Wayne, you made me laugh out loud. You are absolutely right. Though I know when they are squawking at me they have good reason to be pissed off as Adi and I have accidentally disrupted their quiet fishing.

      1. I am not even sure if this latest launch of four people returned to Earth yet, did they? The news hasn’t mentioned them since they blasted off … but the news has only been full of the COVID booster shot today. That’s how I felt about the last two space launches, but this one was a little different because the billionaire and crew were all civilians and a fundraiser to raise funds for this mission to St. Jude’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. This is pediatric cancer awareness month and one of the people who went on this mission is a physician’s assistant and is a pediatric cancer survivor. I guess they were talking to the kids at the hospital from space. So yes, this guy is rich too, but the other ones were just rich people going into space and nothing more than toys. This mission went quite far up. Not for me, even if I was offered a free ride!

      2. That mission is for three days.
        I was thinking about it last night and something was irking me about it. I could figure out what was irking me?
        Than it dawned on me…………When Hillary climbed Everest that was something really special! With the important word being “special”!
        Since then Everest has become a huge commercial enterprise. Which to me ….cheapens that “special”.
        There are dead bodies up there amongst the garbage left by these conquering heros!

        I bring this up because that’s what is happening with space. At one time it was a special feat to be able to go up into space! I find these latest incursions more self indulgent and about the “self”.
        It just cheapens our dreams.

      3. Yes, what qualifies as “something special” has been cheapened. People were excited for real moon missions – look how we talked about man landing on the moon in 1969. Money cheapens some things – even space, even climbing Mount Everest. People scam their climb, not going all the way to the top or just Photoshopping their way into an existing picture. Nice try, but no prize for doing this.

  3. We used to have some blue herons who lived in the dead trees behind us. One morning, one of them took off from a tree in the front yard. It was so noisy, it scared me half to death. I felt like I had a pterodactyl in the trees

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