28 thoughts on “SEAL OF APPROVAL

  1. Fantastic photos of the bathing beauties, Wayne. And look at the model in the third image. She is answering the age-old question. Yes, blondes do have more fun!

  2. Just like human bathing beauties at the beach – they come in all shapes and sizes. The pale one looks like a pin would cause him to burst and you wonder how he manages to wriggle up onto the rock like that using only flippers and a tail to help him.

      1. I wondered how they climbed up there and they often look like they are balancing precariously on the rocks – look at the white seal – it looks like it is “rocking” back and forth. I guess the rocks are rough so it is not slippery, but you often say the rocks area is smelly, so I was thinking it would be slippery.

      2. Yes, they do look like a potato chip curled up like that! I think they look like they will teeter back and forth like a seesaw in that position. And it looks uncomfortable, but for catching the sun’s rays it works for them!

      3. Never thought of that – I was thinking of lizards who like to sit on rocks. If you have a pet lizard you have to buy a warming stone for them to perch on, especially in the colder months. I only know that as I looked into getting one for Buddy in the event of a power outage or furnace malfunction to heat up the bottom of his cage – I always had a hot water bottle waiting in the wings that I would have covered with a thick towel on the bottom of the cage.

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