The bears wander up & down the streams banks searching for salmon.I’m standing in the middle of the stream for hours watching these bears walk past me.The salmon can see any movement near the bank & will dart away.While canoeing upstream many of them hit the bottom of my canoe in the panic to get away.Because I stand still in the water many times they will swim between my legs.I always hate when they splash near me & draw the attention of every bruin.Last thing I want is for a Bear to come crashing towards me!

16 thoughts on “SEARCHING FOR DINNER

  1. These are some great pictures you took!
    I’d be probably too scared to take any. Just be careful that the bears don’t think you’re some new kind of yummy fish.

    1. the bears are there for Filet Mignon not Kraft dinner.So I’m fairly safe plus they all have fairly full bellies. How do you feel after a big Thanksgiving dinner? Probably relaxed & not wanting to cause a fuss I bet.Bears are the same way.
      Thank you fro dropping in!

      1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving 😉 nur I know what you mean.
        I usually go like: no, not a single bite 😮 wait! Is this chocolate for dessert? 🙈

      2. ;-) As long as the bears don’t think some bites of photographer would go well with the salmon, everything’s ok.

      1. to be honest…..yes Jacquie,it is but it is our way.Humans have always been this way with each other.Look at the Harbour Seals,they attack each other creating wounds.Bears attack each other.I suspect all animals attack each other.We are but simply following our recipe.

  2. That first picture – wow, even without the bear in the photo, it is amazing with all the near-bare branches reflecting on the rippling water. This bear looks pretty large the way he is standing … must be all that salmon making him look chubby. That water must be awfully cold to be standing in to admire these bears and get their pictures. I’d feel one salmon brushing up against my ankles and I’d run for the hills! You’re brave Wayne!

    1. thank you for commenting I do try very hard to see.I’m more careful out there than most people are driving to work.Having said that,If someone is in an accident there are other humans around to help right away…..where I am there is nobody for many miles & I cannot control that.

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