Her patience was rewarding by finding a tasty salmon for dinner! She slowly walked off into the forest to enjoy her salmon dinner in private.Most of the time the bears do not finish their salmon. They eat the best parts & leave the rest.This salmon will now decompose & act as fertilizer for the forest.The trees surrounding a salmon bearing stream grow larger as a result!

All the nutrients the salmon gathers over its 4 years while out in the open ocean are eventually brought back to the forest.

36 thoughts on ““COME WITH ME”

  1. No wonder the forest will come back lush, year after year. Is that salmon still alive Wayne – its eyes and mouth are open, or did the bear kill it and it died like that? That’s one huge salmon when you see it next to the bear. If she has cubs, do they fish for their own or share some of Mom’s salmon?

    1. The forest is always lush.The salmon gives it more fuel to carry on being lush! The cubs generally eat what mummy drops on the ground for them.I have seen a few cubs grabbing the really weak salmon near shore however.

      1. That’s why the trees grow so tall as well when you think about it. People pay a pretty penny for fertilizer with minerals in it. I used to always have bone meal on hand whenever I planted new bushes, especially roses, to help them get a good start. And the calcium from the fish bones – good fertilizer. I figured she might feed them first – a typical mom! The cubs are probably watching their mom from the sidelines to learn how to fish, then they try for themselves.

      2. exactly!…….cubs like all small animals watch their mother/father to learn how to do it.When they first come out they see their mother overturning rocks.Once they see & taste why mummy is doing that,they begin to overturn their own rocks! The bigger they grow the bigger the rock they can overturn…….& the more crabs that be under there!

      3. males don’t have anything to do with the female once they’ve mated.If they come around again after the female will chase it off.She knows to keep all males away or it could kill her cub!

      4. I remember now you said that – after a while they have to ensure the cubs are ready to go out on their own before mating again … I was following the April the Giraffe saga last year and after the baby was born, at a certain age it had to be sent to another zoo as the male giraffe would attack it. I don’t know if it was because it was a male baby or simple because it was a baby and the male was jealous of it … they were penned up separately.

      5. the male wasn’t jealous of it.It wants its genes to be carried forward as much as possible! If a male had as many females to mate with it would keep going until it died of exhaustion I bet!

      6. You’re probably right Wayne. There was a piece on Sixty Minutes a few years ago about the baby giraffe and they couldn’t send it to any zoos and had to destroy it. They just rebroadcast that segment not long ago – all the zoos keep these meticulous records of what animals are bred with others from other zoos. It was interesting – all computerized. Animals trucked in or flown from zoos all over the world for goodness sake.

      7. Zoos are big business! They keep each other in business.I’m not a fan of Zoos to be honest.I prefer all animals to be in their natural environment. That also means no fish tanks.Those fish swim in a much larger areas normally.They are there for our amusement.Such a poor reason to interfere with another animals life.

      8. I agree – they want to keep animals behind bars and they just exist – nothing to stimulate their mind. This was a big business – transporting animals all over the nation and the world to mate.

      9. I know – I tried my best to ask questions and make suggestions about him and it fell on deaf ears. There is nothing to sustain him but his daily food. I’ll bet there is no joy in interacting with the person who visits his cage to give him fresh water and food.

      10. I wonder if they would sell him? We could do a Go Fund Me page to give Luke a better home! At least one with several othger known gentle eagles in a huge enclosure at least! I swear If I had the money I’d buy him & put him in a much better environment! His cage is akin to a prisoner being put in solitary confinement! They would put guys down in that cell for weeks as extra punishment. Poor old Like has to endure day after day of such mind numbing cruelty for his entire life!
        Thats not the really sad story…..the really sad story is that there hundreds of this same thing going on right now across this earth! We just never hear or see anything about it.Thats the biggest crime here,the sin you don’t see!

      11. I am thinking like you on this Wayne, but I doubt it. I had high hopes about seeing if that was possible, or bringing in a companion, until I went on the Eagle’s Nest Cruise and they were talking about how lucky the Park was to have him and their two snakes as the “live specimens” for people to see at the Park. Then when I went on the two guided tours, once again I heard about how lucky they were to have acquired him, and worked so hard to have surgeries on his left wing and left eye to rehabilitate him but it was no use, so he now is here and safe. They don’t charge to go to the museum, nor to go to the cage area, just charge a fee for a yearly park pass or a daily pass, so I don’t understand why not make other arrangements?

      12. I’m sure poor Luke has given up on living proudly as he once did.His spirit is broken & that can never be repaired.But he does deserve to be amongst his own & be in larger pen!

      13. I agree with you Wayne – just looking at him, he was staring into space … you saw the pictures. They should have kept him in a pen like the video I showed you of the woman who had the eagles – she had a lot of different birds at a rehab center. They are there for the rest of their lives, but all together in one building and she exercised them regularly. Even if he can’t fly, he still could be put on a tether and allowed some freedom.

      14. Every time I go there I visit him – it makes me sad that he is stuck there down the hill by himself. Yes, they may think he enjoys being outside in his natural habitat, but at least inside the building, people would be there and interact with him. If they are not going to get another eagle for company, at least put him somewhere where people talk to him during the course of the day. His spirit is gone and he just is existing.

      15. Luke is a shell of his former self & its a bloody shame! I am very upset about his state of affairs! Even If I were to remove him his spirit may not come back? I do not know how eagles react in this kind of situation. If you have a audio recording device,download some eagle calls & play them for him.See how he reacts? If he sparks up he is not totally gone but if he doesn’t,he is simply a living dead.

      16. I can do that – I have a small dictaphone here at the house – it is not digital or something I can download from an audio file, it is, just like a portable tape recorder. I can record it from an internet site about eagles or off YouTube. I will let you know what happens. I’ll be going back there through the Fall a few times before the weather turns ugly and will try it out. We got the tape recorder for Sugar, our first canary. When canaries moult in the Summer, it is a 6-8 week process from start to finish, and, just like other birds, the moulting is stressful for them and takes a lot out of them. The males don’t sing while moulting, and don’t always sing right away after the moult is done. We bought some books to read up on the care of canaries since we only had parakeets before. The books said to get a tape recorder and record them singing before the moult and play it. So the next time he moulted we did this and sure enough, he started to warble a bit and got back into singing again just like before. Both of them were strong singers. At Christmastime we have a music station that plays only Christmas songs from Thanksgiving through December 26th. They both loved singing to the Christmas songs, especially the women’s voices … soft voices like Karen Carpenter, not the louder women singers. I’ve not listened to Christmas music since I lost Buddy – maybe this year I’ll try again.

      17. you may be the only ray of sunshine in his life Linda.I’m sure he will react positively! Take a friend who can record a video of you playing the audio.Let me know how it goes please?

      18. Well that’s a nice thought Wayne – they do leave him out all year around because I asked the guide that question on the tour I took. I was thinking of our brutal Winter last year and would snow be coming sideways into the cage? He said no change to the living arrangement. So, maybe it is time to learn how to use the video function on my camera Wayne – you told me to take a video of the squirrels to use in a post – I have no audio though (at least I don’t think I do on the big camera and I doubt I do with the digital compact – I have video for it too and have never used it – I’d better practice with the squirrels first!) … I’m guessing people have audio just with their smartphones. If I took Ann Marie she has a smartphone, but don’t know if she uses the video feature. She has texted me photos of things she sees on her walks – she texts from her phone to my computer. I have to check out the weather. I was trying to catch up here a little and with e-mails – I got behind with the three long blog posts and my friend went to Hatteras, North Carolina and sent me a slideshow two days ago and I just watched it … it had almost 300 pics of the lighthouse, water and scenic things there and just looked at that to comment, Her husband was scheduled for a 100-mile bike race last weekend for charity- the race organizers had to cancel the race due to the recent hurricanes and the roads were not stable enough for the bike race. I have to set up a Google account for the video as well … now I need to use my brain a little bit.

      19. Try experimenting with it first but do read your manual on how to do it.
        You’ll need to install a driver I believe,so you can download the file.Then you’ll need to decrease the file size to send it onto other people.I use a program called “Handbrake”.A friend installed it for me.She’s tech suave,I am not.I’m sure you know people who could help you with all this.
        It will look like a lot of info but you’ll get it after awhile.

      20. Wow! I know you said treat the camera manual like a bible and memorize it. I haven’t even gotten to the manual controls yet as I’m still trying to find my way around feeling comfortable with it. I will save this info so I can get a handle on it. I’m tech savvy with the computer to a point – when my boss and I left the Firm and went out on our own, I had to learn a lot about computers so I didn’t need to call the computer guy all the time. Then working from home all these years, I am still helping out our computer guy (a new guy, different than when I worked on site who we brought in when our computer system crashed in October 2010) to troubleshoot problems, plus know what’s going on with my computer. I’m already worried about Windows 10 starting and no more support for Windows 7 beginning January 2020 because we use Windows 7 at work and that’s what I use here. I was supposed to learn how to do Skype this year with Evelyn, my pal in Virginia so we could visit occasionally online and I’ve not done that yet. I just thought you downloaded the video from the card onto the computer, then uploaded it to a video service. I’ll figure it out (she says semi-confidently).

      21. Yes, that is how I do my pictures with a card reader … my first digital camera had a cord and photo software and was rather an ordeal to get the pictures, but when I got another digital compact with more zoom in 2015, it had no cord to transfer – took it back thinking I was missing something and she said “no more cords, just buy a card reader” so that’s what I use now. When I got the big camera, the sales clerk told me to get a 32 GB memory card – it did not come with a card and the 32 GB was on sale for $29.00 (half price that day) … she said to get it if I wanted to use it for video as it would take a lot of video plus shots and not have to worry about running out of memory.

      22. Wow! No wonder the sales girl said it it was worthwhile to get the 32GB size then. My other compact digital cameras came with a very small-size memory card. I generally get the pictures off the memory card the same day or next day at the latest, then delete what’s on there – I would have to practice with the video to see just how much it fills up the card. This was at Best Buy where I got the deal. The camera and all accessories were on sale for Father’s Day.

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