Catching a “fresh” salmon is very hard as they are full of energy & quick! After a few weeks……not so much.They grow weaker & so get out of the rivers current by going close to shore.Thats exactly where the bears grab them!

They splash about seemly teasing the bears most of the time.

10 thoughts on ““I SEE ONE”!………………….”RATS,MISSED ANOTHER”!

      1. She’ll learn soon enough and just wait for the salmon to come to her – in the meantime, she was rambunctious and you caught the look on her face she missed the fish and named this post perfectly.

      2. I wonder if they dislike wading through water, especially chilly water – the pickin’s are better at the shore and you said they like to perch high and look down from a rock sometimes to watch the water for salmon.

      3. thye don’t mind the water but they can’t stand in it for a long time.They do get cold like any animal would.I got cold! Because I was pulling my heavy canoe with gear I was able to keep my heart rate up so my circulation was good.Didn’t get cold feet if you get my drift.

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