67 thoughts on “ROMEO’S ARRIVAL

      1. They are magnificent on all counts, and in flight, they are especially so. You always manage to capture that aspect of their being, Wayne, and that keeps me coming back to your posts!

      2. My pleasure! I’ve experienced the Pacific Flyway, briefly, thanks to family living on it, and I enjoyed seeing new birds there. I think the bald eagle must have been endangered still, though, since I didn’t spot any. Regardless, they are more common here in Western Nebraska now.

  1. The wing span and feather definition always get me. I am glad Romeo is back, and it must have just taken you quoting a few words of Shakespeare possibly ? :)

  2. Wayne, in that last shot, Romeo looks like he’s bowing to an audience who is giving his arrival a standing ovation. I can completely understand why he brings smile to your face.

      1. Wow, that is really amazing because they really stand out, especially when he’s in flight. What if he loses one? Does it grow back, or does he just have a hole in his fan?

      2. both actually,….there is a hole there but underneath his bum is a second row of small feathers. One will grow back in. They also use their tail feathers much the same way a boat uses a rudder to steer.

  3. Hi TP — Romeo is reminiscent of a man with powerful legs coming in for a landing in the second image. It must be lovely to have such a graceful, adoring, and reliable friend. :-)//mm

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