Great clouds, for me are just as essential as a great subject. No two are alike,kind of like humans. I just never know what kind of clouds will be hanging around near sunset? During the day there may be excellent clouds around but come sunset,they may not be there? So I keep a good eye on the satellite feed to see what’s coming my way and what I can expect.

Whether I go out on a shoot, is very dependant upon the clouds. I want Goldi loks clouds…..not too many (overcast conditions) and not too few,………..just right!

These shots are of my fine feathered friend,Romeo! I think the clouds enhance his beauty.


61 thoughts on “CLOUDS

    1. Good eye Audrey! I’m sure you already know this, but If you look directly below those popcorn clouds one generally sees darker land. This darker land heats up and sends a warm but moist air aloft.. As it rises It gets cooler reaching dew point and so condenses.
      Eagles and other birds use these thermals to lift them high into the sky. They use them like an escalator. Once at the top, they soar off in the direction they wish to go. By doing this they conserve energy!

  1. Hi Wayne, these are gorgeous pictures. I came to realise the importance of clouds in interesting landscape pictures when I was away at Shepherd’s Hill earlier this year. In South Africa, we often have periods of no rain and clear blue skies. This year we had heavy rain and I was there the day after a bad storm. I got the most stunning shots of the sky with the clouds an explosion of pink, orange, and red. PS, My new children’s book, Haunted Halloween Holiday, has gone to my publisher and I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon.

    1. All that rain evaporated and ascended into the sky, where it chilled and condensed.
      The rain that fell from the sky, went back up into the sky!
      OH,…I’m looking forward to seeing your book Robbie! You are such a creative soul!

  2. Clouds are the special touch to a sunset and here they are so beautiful with the light in and around them as Romeo shows off his talent and you , yours! I love how the clouds change at this time of year and bring some needed rain.

    1. you nailed it Jane! It’s a win win situation!
      On overcast days I do not even think about taking shots and on those days with zero clouds I feel the same way. I want something in between!

      1. I know exactly what you mean about the rays. That would have been spectacular. Anything with the eagles in it still looks awesome. 😊

      1. You’re welcome Wayne – they were beautiful shots. I’d ask you if you were going out to see the Blood Moon/eclipse tomorrow, but I know you’re not interested in that. Ours will be 10:30 and we’re having a storm. I will not look for it.

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