This short video was recorded last Fall (21). A large tree had come down during the year and bridged the river. I knew during the spawning season in the Fall, bears would use this tree as a bridge. So I set a camera up to record the activity.
I called this Sow “Lady” and her cub “Scamp”.
Lady wanted to scratch her back, but notice that she stopped and looked back to make sure no male bears were following her!
A male will try to kill her cub, so she was being careful.


82 thoughts on “THATS THE SPOT

  1. What an amazing short video. Mamma bear caught in real life habit and habitat. Nice capture Wayne. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you. So glad you are doing what you do so well. Exploring the natural wildlife in your neck of the woods and sharing your experiences. 😊

      1. Kitties sniff things but don’t generally bite. I think you are correct about bears, though. With their appetites and need to prepare for the coming hibernation season, they need to eat it if it can be eaten!

    1. I think what she was trying to do Jane was to grab the limb so she could put more pressure on her scratching!
      Glad you enjoyed it! I have several videos showing a bear (different bear) trying to bite the camera! You can see right inside the bears mouth!

  2. You have captured a moment of sheer ecstasy as she scratched that itch. I know just how good she felt in that moment from my own very itchy rash. Great footage Wayne.

  3. A handy-dandy scratching post to scratch that itch and luckily you picked a good spot to set up the trail camera and capture it – too bad Junior a/k/a Scamp is so short and couldn’t partake in the fun!

    1. We get around 15 feet per year. One of the reasons why the trees are so large here is because there are no forest fires due to it being damp on the forest floor!
      The moss grows extensively on some of these old growth trees. This is a Sitka.
      I’m happy you enjoyed the video Emma!

  4. How clever of you, Wayne, to set up the camera! This video is pure delight, my friend. I was enchanted from the first moment and then I heard myself gasp when the bear reared up and did the back rub. OMG. How fantastic. Thanks for having the forethought to do this and giving us this fun, secret look. Beautiful moss, too.

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