Our weather has been less than admirable lately. As a result I haven’t been able to get out. With the dullness of overcast rainy days circling me like a Vulture,I decided to put a bit more colour into the pot!

I shot these of Romeo last summer (August 13) during a forest fire. Forest fires always produce some of the most striking sunsets!

I enjoy the contrast of colour and season!

64 thoughts on “CONTRAST

  1. What an emotionally-laden expression: “…overcast rainy days circling me like a Vulture…” So glad you sought out big bold color and Romeo to brighten your evening. I love the way you have captured the outermost tip of Romeo’s wing in that curl. Smoke from fires does cause gorgeous sunsets, as does industrial pollution. It just goes to show that beauty can result from some rather ugly sources. Beautiful photo Wayne.

      1. You’re welcome. I wonder how your Eagle friends feel when flying in that smoke. It’s not like they can mask up or stay indoors like humans. It made for a very striking photo though!

  2. That is why I spend winters in Selah. Spring has sprung, 70 degree weather, but I love my summers on the coast. Looking forward to seeing you.

  3. Many don’t realize it is pollution in the atmosphere that makes the best sunsets! Those were terrible times last summer and fall in the West, but, as you note, the fires created these spectacular scenes for you to photograph.

    1. True Doug,Human pollution does alter our skies but Nature has been doing this already on a massive scale for millions of years with Volcanic activity.
      I am afraid these human influenced events will continue as the herd grows.
      Thanks for chiming in with your insights Doug, always appreciated my friend!

    1. That is the book writing angel in you speaking Annette. A book with only photographs is like a cake without icing. My downfall is my inability to write. Plus to do justice to that project it would require huge amounts of money, which I do not have but I certainly appreciate the vote of confidence!

    1. Forest fires have been, are and will continue to be a very natural event. We as a species have increased that effect unfortunately much to our deter-mint!
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Summer, with all the colour and warmth (and less good things, like wildfires) seems a long way off right now… March has been a mainly dreary month…
    Here’s hoping April is an improvement!

  5. The photo is beautiful Wayne. Yes, smoke and pollution do create some glorious sunrises and sunsets. The smoke is thick enough down here some years that even in daytime the sun casts an alien orange light at midday.

  6. Here in Southern Bavaria we have dry and sunny weather since over four weeks now. We urgently need some days of heavy rain! Could you please send us some from Canada?

  7. Beautiful shot, the red from those sunsets is wonderous. Whenever someone, including myself complains about another snow fall I remind them and myself that it may mean less smoke and fire this summer. We are all for that!

  8. That sun sure is intense Wayne – beautiful sunset shot. Sorry your weather has not been stellar – we started our day with a wind chill of 13, snow squalls and black ice. I didn’t venture out for hours. I long for the weather we had for years and took for granted.

    1. worse then that Emma I’m getting more fussy the older I get!
      Yesterday was perfect weather for getting out but the clouds were not abundant enough. With my boat being on land It takes a huge amount of effort to put it in the water and even more when I return!

    1. True,I try to understand the weather before going out so as to know what kind of light I could be facing?
      If It doesn’t look good,I do not go out.
      Now, what exactly is going to happen, nobody knows but I can give a good guess.

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