41 thoughts on “ROMEO’S MOON

  1. Well Wayne, I dipped into the thesaurus to find just the right word to describe these photographs as amazing, magnificent, incredible just didn’t seem to grasp the sheer beauty or breathtaking nature of Romeo and the moon. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what if the picture exceeds the adjectives of the language.

    1. Oh isn’t that interesting Lavinia! I had to look up to see If there is any meaning to it? Here is what I found…………..The owl is a messenger of change and transformation. As a nocturnal creature, the nature of owl messages speaks to us about what is unseen, what we might not be aware of, and the owl’s presence in our lives comes to root out the unseen, create shifts and bring issues to the surface, to the light so we can see more clearly in a new light…this inevitably brings about transitions in our lives.

      So there is something behind it! What kind of Owl btw?

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