33 thoughts on “TWO BY AIR,TWO BY SEA

      1. You’re welcome. Aren’t the Flintstones still running online in syndication? I hope they haven’t become cultural dinosaurs. Oh the irony that would be.

    1. sure Emma,they just need to run fast enough! Those huge wings and running into the wind helps a lot too!
      They are the largest bird (by weight) in North America. So they do need a long runway!
      So they try to stay in wide open areas and not get themselves into a confined space, like a narrow stream.

      1. I once came across a swan that had landed in our local park and couldnt understand why he didnt take flight – he had to be escorted (on foot) to a very large pond in a neigbouring park. I realised later that he needed the water to take off!

      1. Just Googled – found this:
        Baby Puss is the Flintstones’ pet saber-toothed cat, which is rarely seen in the actual series, but is always seen throwing Fred out of the house during the end credits, causing Fred to pound repeatedly on the front door and yell “Wilma!”, waking the whole neighborhood in the process. And, of course there is a whole article on it. I’ll send that separately in case it goes to SPAM. I’m having an issue with SPAM again – have over 200!

      2. Oh isn’t that something! Loved reading about that Linda! I remember every episode!
        I remember the cat dropping Fred outside more. “Baby Puss”…never knew it had a name?

      3. Can you believe there was a story on it – you can find everything on the internet it seems. I loved that show too. Very clever when you think about it – the names, the details … all very fun. I didn’t know it had a name either!

      4. It is – I was just reading the news the last few hours. We had a school shooting about 50 miles from me. A 15-year-old kid, got a gun from his father and shot and killed 4 fellow students, gravely wounded more of them who are fighting for their life. He made a video on Monday night and wrote in a journal that he was “gonna shoot up the school.” God help us all … this, the new COVID variant.

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