32 thoughts on “RAVISHING ROBBIE

    1. and without being a expert I would most certainly agree with you Lynette!
      I wonder what would happen If you took a Raven from one area and put it into another environment thousands of miles apart?
      I bet the resident ravens would say something like…..”Who’s the new guy with the accent”?

  1. They are very beautiful, and intelligent birds. I enjoy seeing all these magnificent birds and animals through your lens, Wayne. I am seeing more animals come through my own area now that we are back in the rainy season. The drought was one of the worst I’ve seen down this way since we moved here 18 years ago.

  2. I enjoyed this fantastic close-up, Wayne, of one of my favorite birds. You captured this raven’s intelligence and boldness very well. He is so beautiful, yes, ravishing.

    1. Thanks Jet,he most certainly is!
      The other day I heard a Raven calling,so I called back. I have a certain call I use with Robbie. Sure enough he flew over top searching for me! I called again and he flew back around and perched in a tree right in front of me! He knows my call. I was very happy he responded!

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