I was pleasantly surprised to see Romeo and Juliette’s latest offspring! It’s hard to tell but I suspect it’s male? He flew over and promptly took the fish Romeo was eating! Romeo didn’t seem to mind.

So the game is whoever comes up with the best name for this male eagle will get a picture of him!

63 thoughts on “NAME GAME

  1. My name suggestion is Ace. In Latin it means “one,” “expert,” and “one with the father.” In English it means “one who excels,” He certainly excels in getting his food!

  2. If you want to stick with names from Shakespeare, you could call him Julius. Or maybe Hamlet. Although both those guys came to bad/sad ends. Or maybe Merlin, a legendary dude.
    But then, both Ace and Jethro sound pretty good too!

      1. Nelson? English Admiral, Eye patch, arm in sling, Battle of Trafalgar etc etc. On reflection, perhaps you better svave that for a one-eyed creature.

  3. Mercutio. Had Shakespeare gone the fairy tale route with a happily ever after ending for Romeo and Juliet I feel pretty sure Romeo would name his son in memory of his best friend.

  4. He’s a beaut, Wayne! He looks like a Jasper to me. I found this on the web: Jasper in all its forms is a significant stone in New Age as well as feng shui practice. Jasper is regarded as a very nourishing, warm, and protecting stone, but specific colors also impart their own energy.

  5. How about Max. One syllable and easy to pronounce and spell. (Short for Maximilian if you want to get fancy. Or Wolf – short for Wolfgang.- and another one-syllable easy-to-spell name. There’s something ironic about giving an apex predator the name of another apex predator?  Love this challenge!

  6. Hmm – I’m really rusty on my Shakespeare stories and their characters Wayne … so how about Bandit? I started to say “Small Fry” because he’s young and stole a fish, but do people even use the name “fry” to identify a kid anymore? I think my parents referred to me as a “small fry” many moons ago. :)

      1. Ha ha – I never saw any of the Smokey and the Bandit movies. Just the other day, I saw the video of the seagull that marches into the small store and snags a bag of Doritos, runs out of the store, puncture a hole in the bag and eats them. I used to see lots of videos of that seagull. I’d name it Bandit too:

      2. That gull likes Doritos, plus they are on the bottom shelf at the store – easy to grab-n-go! I have been making a list of TV shows and movies to watch, especially TV shows I missed during my 10+ year hiatus from TV. I’ll add it to my list.

      3. Me too Wayne! I wonder if he likes being the shop where the celebrity Gull does all the swiping. The Gull has made the rounds on the internet. Why not just put something else there?

      4. There are other videos where its beak stabs the bag and a little poof of air as the contents settle and then it was happily munching on Doritos. Sometimes it shares with friends. I recall now that Sam the Seagull’s hijinks are paid for by customers as they thought it was pretty funny. This was not over here, but in Scotland.

      1. If you really think so, Wayne! Honestly, i was kidding. Thank you! If you call him “German”, we should try to get a naturalization for him. At least a German passport would be suitable. ;-) Best wishes, Michael

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