31 thoughts on “ROMEO ARRIVING

    1. I do love visiting with him. I talked to him for a minute. Because I hadn’t seen him in 4 weeks, so I asked him about his offspring?
      I generally just talk to him. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t understand me but Romeo knows I’m trying to communicate with him. Which increases his sense of trust in me. This is how I get to know the animals.

      1. I’m sure your communication with him makes an impression – that’s why he keeps returning, for the interaction. You are not a human to be feared, but a human that he can land nearby and trust. That is a great feeling for both of you.

      2. Yes it is … even my little Parker. Two-Tone is feeling more comfortable, but just when I’m behind the screen door, though she comes back for seconds when the peanuts are gone … she comes to beg only when the car is out, like she sees me hauling in groceries, or that I have to hook up the car and put it in the garage. So she is savvy enough to know I’m not just walking into the house, but will be there a while. Yesterday when I came home from grocery shopping, she, and another Black squirrel were hanging out by the side door and I had to shoo them away to get in the house. They waited patiently and I went in and got more peanuts for them.

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