21 thoughts on “LIGHTHOUSE WAVES

      1. Yep, taught myself on Dr. Sues (Ted Geisel) before I was 4 and have Libraries of books, journals, etc. (See, there is that stuff thing again) Love to read! Dad and Grandma always played scrabble and did the crossword puzzles every day. You know, they were similar in a lot of ways, but Grandma Marge was my Mom’s Mother.

  1. The bottom most one is about as perfect as I have seen. Great timing and I imagine just a tiny bit of luck. All are beautiful of course.

      1. Yeah, they were staying in Field, Yoho, went up highway 93 north of Louise and got caught. Searchers found tracks going into the slide, nothing leading away. It was too unstable to go in and get the bodies…We were on Emerald Lake yesterday, and heard a fall or two further up the valley. It’s warming up – I wouldn’t go anywhere near steep slopes just now.
        Hope you’re able to get out on the water soon?!

  2. So many layers, especially in the first photo. Gives one a lot to look at and think about. The wave curl in last photo is pretty amazing. What nature does with motion and gravity. And you caught it at just the right time. Great photos – thanks for sharing.

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