14 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET RAPTURE

      1. thanks Lori,but my photography isn’t magical per say,the area surrounding Tofino is & when you throw in some great clouds & light It’s just one big photofest!

  1. I know Romeo is a star. but I think the real star in these photos is the reflection of sunset colors in the lightly rippling water. The reflections are more beautiful than the sky itself! And then there is Romeo teasing the water while tilting his wings. You’ve captured nature’s brilliance in color and wonder.

    1. yes,absolutely.Romeo is almost always there but the light (excellent light like this) doesn’t visit very often.
      Being in the moment when everything comes together is as close to magic that I’ve experienced!
      thanks for dropping by Marilyn!

      1. Ah, so, this light is as rare as it is beautiful! Glad you were able to catch this magical moment . . .

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