October in Tofino has been unusually rainy ……………even for us! I went for a bike ride/walk on Chestermans today.I think I ran into three people.You can always tell how bad the storm is by the number of people you run into out on the beach. I’ve been out there in raging winds & hard rain with nobody else ,but If you go during a warm summer day,there are several hundred out there.So I use what I call the “Tofino”Scale to determine how large a storm is.There is the “Richter” scale for earthquakes,the “Beaufort” scale for wind strength & the “Fujita”scale for Tornados. I use the “Tofino” scale to determine how bad a storm is.

The “Tofino” scale uses the number of people found on the beach by me during a average walk. A number of 500 is considered a very excellent day to be out & about,while a number of 0 means a very bad storm. (500-0,excellent to bad) Today was a three.

So I’ve decided to repost a couple of shots I took. I shot these on April 27th/09.What your seeing is a rainstorm with the setting sun in behind.All colours are original & have not been altered.

14 thoughts on “A TOFINO SUNSET

  1. beautiful photos. I love the rain and appreciate how much we are getting after the drought of last year, but it has kept us from coming to Tofino this year..

      1. I have rain gear but my camera doesn’t so now that Standard time is almost here we have decided to wait until Spring when the days are longer and we might get off and on rain instead of steady downpours.

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