October in Tofino has been unusually rainy ……………even for us! I went for a bike ride/walk on Chestermans today.I think I ran into three people.You can always tell how bad the storm is by the number of people you run into out on the beach. I’ve been out there in raging winds & hard rain with nobody else ,but If you go during a warm summer day,there are several hundred out there.So I use what I call the “Tofino”Scale to determine how large a storm is.There is the “Richter” scale for earthquakes,the “Beaufort” scale for wind strength & the “Fujita”scale for Tornados. I use the “Tofino” scale to determine how bad a storm is.

The “Tofino” scale uses the number of people found on the beach by me during a average walk. A number of 500 is considered a very excellent day to be out & about,while a number of 0 means a very bad storm. (500-0,excellent to bad) Today was a three.

So I’ve decided to repost a couple of shots I took. I shot these on April 27th/09.What your seeing is a rainstorm with the setting sun in behind.All colours are original & have not been altered.

Fall Storm

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The ocean was roaring today. I love when I can hear the roar of the surf in the air everywhere!
I got a small sequence of a wave exploding with a Gull flying through the scene. I always look for birds to put in the scene.
I find that they are very prominent for there size!

Wick Pano

This was shot at the north end of Chestermans Beach. I needed some foreground material and could find only the Wickaninnish Inn. Thats it on the far right in the shade.
Your looking right under this last cloud system for 100 klicks or so. Theres alot of rain between our eye and that clearing in behind.

Moon Rainstorm

20100821-20100821-IMG_5956I was mindful that the moon should be out,but this cloud was blocking it and I couldn’t see it while I was out there. It finally came out right around sunset and the light was gorgeous!
A small rainstorm was happening and so was the light! I was looking around for some birds to fly in front,but couldn’t get lucky.
You can see that the wind was moving this cloud structure strongly. I’m looking SE and the clouds were moving from the west to the east. In the shot that would be from right to left. Thats why the cloud is curved. The top is moving and the rain is constantly being dropped ,forming a long curve.
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get anymore moon shots in this cycle? It’s rising later and later.