20 thoughts on “POLE POSING

      1. Ahhh, I can imagine he was. Now that is an amazing photo at the top of this blog – silhouette of eagle from behind with wings fully extended – Incredible, have not seen that one before. Its like you are right behind him taking his picture.

      2. that eagle is Romeo! He lets me get real close.I was right behind him but zoomed in still.Tracking a fast moving object standing up in a small boat is a skill that has to be learned on the spot.
        He was flaring,stalling at the top of his arc.He was about to turn around.You take thousands of shots of these guys & sooner or later one will get lucky enough!

      1. Like my heron – yesterday he just flew off while I was taking his picture. He eludes me — maybe he doesn’t like the red coat and it scares him. At least you got a nice pose of your heron. :)

      2. I’ll be patient Wayne … he wasn’t around yesterday when I was there. Saturday I was taking a picture and he bolted. I got a picture of him flying but not close up. Yesterday, I went to the riverfront early, before the Park. Down on the Detroit River, I had some fun taking seagull pictures. I always admire when you get those in-flight pictures. I am never quick enough with the ducks and geese, perhaps when the weather gets warmer and I am not fiddling with pockets and can leave the camera out and no gloves (those fingerless gloves are a little awkward), but I got several up-close pics of seagulls plus in flight as well. It was a beautiful day down on the water and I was the only one there. https://lindaschaubblog.net/2018/03/11/gulls-just-wanna-have-fun/

      3. you need to name him like “Parker”.He’ll be more friendly if you both introduce yourselves to each other.
        Panning on a fast moving animal is very difficult & takes lots of practice!

      4. Now there’s an idea! He is never close enough to me to have established a rapport, but I’ll do that and talk softly to him and see if I can get somewhere. Parker is easy to please and eager to hang around me … sometimes I think he enjoys the attention more than the peanuts. He doesn’t bolt like the birds!

        I’m glad to hear that panning an animal is an art and takes lots of practice, because all I get when I try to get a photo of a duck or goose taking flight is a blur of wings.

        Yesterday, I took that kind of picture of a duck … just the tail feathers and orange feet and showed a great big splash in the water where it had made a getaway. Actually it was an interesting picture and I almost used it because it demonstrated just how quick that duck had flown away … this time it was not me, it just flew up for no reason. That picture did look interesting at any rate.

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