The clouds parted & the sun came out late in the afternoon.I decided to ride out to the beach for a sunset shoot but on the way stumbled across these guys.Cancelled the beach & focused on them.(pun intended)

Whenever I find a eagle I always look for a great background.I than line the background up with the eagle & project back to find the sweet spot! The spot where I can shoot the eagles with a great background. These eagles live downtown.Not sure where their nest tree is? I see them around but haven’t gotten familiar with them.

So I walked around downtown trying to find a good angle. Buildings & hydro lines were in the way,I was getting frustrated. I then realized that the best spot was on the roof of a local restaurant (Schooner).I went upstairs to the second floor,shot some from the bar & than the owners son took me upstairs to the roof.Got some great shots!

One of my strangest shoots but it all worked out in the end.

15 thoughts on “A LOVERS VIEW

      1. Looking like a weekend in the city, sigh. Tax returns and dreary items. Maybe next weekend…
        How about you? Will you be able to get out on the water?

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