Humboldt Squid

This beautiful creature was still living when I came across it! It was blowing bubbles . You can not only see one to the left of the eye,but you can also see me in the reflection!
While I was watching it ,the bubbles stop and new that it had just passed
These creatures are VERY smart and they can problem solve like us. When they are looking at you,you can feel them not just looking ,but seeing you and figuring you out! They are also an aggressive predator! They feed in frenzies at night near the surface. They go back down deeper during the day to avoid any bigger predator.

I decided that a bear would probably come by fairly soon and looked at the angle of the light and found myself a nice spot to wait for the action to happen.
And it did. A great opportunity to say the least to get a picture of a wild bear grabbing a Humboldt squid !

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