If you assume 81 years as being the average life expectance (Canada) & obviously with there being 365 days in each year (ignoring leap years of course because we’re just doing a rough calculation here)…than that means each person would of lived 29,565 days.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve realized something about light.If you could photograph the same object each day for 29,565 days you would notice that each photograph,each days light, is unique & always different. True,some days might look the same but I think there would still be differences.

I’ve photographed this exact angle thousands of times.You can click onto the “Lennard Island Lighthouse” category & find hundreds of shots taken from this spot. You’ll find each one different even though the subject is the same.Because of the clouds,the light,the waves etc,each shot is different. Like a finger print,each days light is unique.




The storm season is upon us! We have 6 frontal systems lining up like 747’s coming in for a landing! Plenty of rain & wind to go around for everyone.The wildlife tends to hunker down when they come ashore.Might not be able to get out for at least a weeks time? Tis the season of boredom!






The wind has been strong the last few days. Whenever it gets that way,I stay in. I saw a clearing coming on the satellite & thought I’d go out to the beach & wait for the light?
I waited about a hour & a half. The light came out yes,but briefly at best! These shots show how dramatically the light was changing. I shot all of these within 60 minutes of each other.
Always a mix bag when stormy weather moves in!



We got a early reminder of whats to come this Winter. A strong wind storm battered the west coast today. The storm uprooted many trees! Everyone was wondering why so many trees were damaged? We normally get these strong winds in Winter after all the leaves have fallen. Because the leaves acted like tiny little sails,the entire tree took on a greater than normal load pressure from the strong winds! So the trees couldn’t withstand this huge load pressure & went over!
Power was knocked out in many parts of the coast, but Tofino was spared.


20130321-20130321-20130320-IMG_0649The power was out in Tofino,so a friend & I decided to go down to South Beach to see how the waves were? South Beach almost always has large waves normally but on days like this they can grow into monsters!
I went out on the rocky headland to take some shots & my friend took some shots of me out there. The basic rule of thumb when you go out on a headland during a wind storm is to stand on “dry” rock! Dry rock good,wet rock bad!

Adrian Dorst took this shot of me. He is a well known professional photographer! He also does excellent wood & stone carvings!


20130320-IMG_775620130320-IMG_7634I’ve been watching this dead tree for 20 years & was always curious when it would come down? I knew when it did,that it would take out the board walk……….& it did!
We must of been the first to come across it. There were no other cars in the parking lot & the grass/mud along side the board walk showed no signs of foot traffic.
Half the tree is still standing,but I bet they cut the rest down?


20130313-IMG_709720130313-IMG_711720130313-IMG_712020130313-IMG_712220130313-IMG_712820130313-IMG_7137It was yet another stormy,rainy day in Tofino! I think I’m going to need a shrink if this keeps up? Only one word describes this accurately………….”SUCKS”!
It doesn’t look very good for the future either! Oh joy!
This time of the year is the most trying! I’ll get out sooner or later & forget all about this!


I did go out today but it had to be the hardest shoot I’ve ever done!
Yesterday had very strong wind,so I wasn’t able to get out. It was windy again today,so I decided to make a effort today even though I normally wouldn’t of done so!
I dressed in my neoprene chest waders & took a tarp to cover all my gear. It did work but the ride was hard on me! The pounding of the waves was not something I would recommend to anyone! Many times I got splash & spray in my face!
I went up into Gunner Inlet & found “Nick” chewing away of some fresh greens. He was the only bear around.
I than went around into Fortune Channel but couldn’t find anyone home.
I decided to head back to town but first stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah.
I saw two Immature eagles circling. Looking at their feathers I’d say they were their last years offspring.
They were allowed to perch in the territory but to much objection by Mum & Dad!
It was slow coming back down Browning Pass because of the waves but I managed to get back safe & sound.
I do not think I’ll do that again.


I didn’t expect sunshine today,but it came anyways! A big wind storm hit just before sunrise & made a mess!
The power did go out for a few seconds but we managed to stay on line. I heard that over 40,000 were without power on the island alone! All the Ferry’s were shut down!
It was to say the least “a high energy day”!
I went out to the beach & discovered that I couldn’t get over to Frank island! The tide was coming in & the waves had already blocked access! Dam!
The waves looked massive over on the far side of Frank!
So, because I couldn’t get over to shoot,I’m posting a shot that I think would of been similar. I actually shot this on Feb 15th,11.
The waves today would of been twice this size! Some of the largest I’ve ever seen at Frank!

The weather looks poor for the rest of the week unfortunately.

Strong Wind!

Notice how far forward Ernie is leaning!
The wind was blowing strongly from the NW. Normally they do not perch up in the open like this in a strong wind. They have many perches in their territory & some of them are for when the wind blows. They usually go into Lee of a island & wait out the wind storm.
Not sure what Ernie was thinking?