A friend was driving this whale watching boat (Wayne Dolby). He came by at just the right moment & I asked him to pose with the boat. I loved that setting “fire” sun in the background but needed a foreground subject.
So he obliged happily! In hindsight,I should of handed out my business card to the folks! Never know if I could of made a sale?

Whale Watching Zodiac at Sunset

The light was being interrupted by these clouds,so I headed back into the harbour. I thought I might head out to the Lighthouse because of the moon.
This Zodiac and another were coming from the same place I was and went by me in the harbour. I continued on past the harbour and tried to make it out there(Lighthouse) before sunset.

Whale Watching Zodiac

This is one of the boats that stayed out to shadow the Orca’s with me. He was on the west of them and I was on the east.I zoomed in and all you could see were huge smiles.
He was circling because they had given us the slip. They went deep and were cruising.
I saw a rainstorm coming and decided to book it. Besides the light had already gone and the sun was about to set.

The Nerela 1 and Jamies Zodiac(Riptide)

20100825-20100825-IMG_6911The sailing boat Nerela 1 can be seen coming into the harbour from the north here. You can also see the Zodiac “Riptide”from Jamies zipping by. I saw the Zodiac coming into the harbour from the west and just waited for it to cross with the sailing boat.
The village Opitsat on Meares Island can be seen in the background as well.

Wickaninnish Inn and Whale Watching Zodiac

20100821-20100821-IMG_5871I saw a Zodiac from Jamies Whale Watching and got a shot of them passing in front of the Wick. The sun had come out and was giving some good light.
Orcas have been seen out in this area in the past week and I’m sure these guys passed through looking to see if anyone was home!

Whale Watching Boat

20100712-20100712-IMG_8585This whale watching boat acted as a great secondary subject. As well as Opitsat in the background.
The whale watching companys probably don’t like it when they come through the harbour. Many people can see the wildlife without paying for it.
If it wasn’t so bloody windy,I would of gone out in my boat and gotten more shots!