It’s been excatly a week since I shot a picture! The weather has been down right shitty!
“If you don’t have the light…….you don’t have the picture” Print that up and put it above your door way. It’s a photographers mantra.
I didn’t get out in the boat,but went out to Chestermans to see what was happening.
I was surprised that we got clearings! I looked on the Satellite/Radar site and it didn’t really show them. A large Low pressure system was coming by from the north and it was several hundred klicks off of the islands coast. It was very well defined.
I shot this in the harbour. I liked the fresh snow on the mountains.
The Dolphin Straits Tug boat can be seen in the bottom right corner.

The “Come Along” Tug

The Come Along was heading in without towing a load tonight. I think this is the fastest I’ve ever seen it moving!
Because the light was poor,I tried to line up the tug with this small setting sun slit.
This opening would later prove to be much more than what I thought! You’ll see in the three shots below.