Tranquil Cove Pano

I’m looking North in this shot. It shows the northern shore of “Tranquil Cove”. This is the spot where I would love to put a floathouse!
The Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society has their 4 hole fish pen tied up at the very far right. You can hardly see it.
When they raise baby Salmon (fry),they transport them to this 4 hole. They than place them into 4 fine meshed nets & feed them every day.
When I use to be a Fish farmer with Creative Salmon I would volunteer my lunch time to go down the Inlet to feed the Fry. They have 4 feeding stations that could be best described as a spring wound belt conveyors. I would wind up each one and sprinkle the “Crumble” feed on the belt & close the lid. It would advance very slowly dropping the fine feed into the water for the Fry to eat.
When they figure the Fry have grown large enough,they simply dropped the nets……. releasing them.
If they get a 4 % return,it’s considered a good year!
Tough life as a Salmon!

Tranquil Cove

This a favorite spot for me. It’s a small cove near the end of Tranquil Inlet. I’ve always loved this area! Not only very beautiful but with sweeping vistas in all directions!
Ive always dreamed of living in a floathouse down here!
It’s not named on the chart,so decided to call it Tranquil Cove!
Seems fitting being down Tranquil Inlet!
The upper shot is a close up of the lower shot. It shows Glacial carving! As a Geologist,I recognized the striations as being from Glacial carving!
When a glacier advances,many large rocks are captured at the Toe of the Glacier. These act like chisel points (kind of like Mother Natures Tungsten Carbide bit) carving deeply into the rock.
You could easily see the direction the Glacier advanced from!