I went to visit my feathered friend Romeo. We have a routine. When I come around the corner in my boat I always look at Beck island (nest island) to watch for when he see’s me? When he does he immediately flies over to me and does several circles around.He then glides (his gliding is faster than my boat) to our meeting spot,a rocky islet I call his throne.

However……..on this occasion he came out from the north catching me off guard! Silly eagle. I wonder what he was doing over there and that’s not his territory? At any rate it was good to see him. I chatted with him for a while and then noticed that Juliette came over to do a fly by! I always like it when she perches here as well because she almost always sings me a song! She may have a egg and just wanted a excuse to get some exercise?

The mountains had a beautiful snowy appearance to them! A great background only enhances the subject!

“Winter’s Morning”

The clouds and light were very poor today! So I never got out or even tried. I only go when Mother Nature phones me. I just always have to be listening, as it were!

This shot took many years to happen! I’ve been going up to this spot for 15 years or so.I’ve probably been up here over 100 times. Just waiting & hunting for that moment of surreal magic to show it’s self!
A photographer can never have too much of that stuff! It very seldom ever shows it’s face,but when it does………it almost always is because of the light!

I shot this back in January of 07. I remember waking up very early that morning.(3:30am) I went to check outside just to see what the weather was doing? I was shocked to see that a good dumping of snow had happened while I slept! It snowed maybe 4 inches or so and the best part was that the sky was perfectly clear!
I realized that meant there was going to be no clouds to block the first rays of light at sunrise! My personal fav & the longest wavelength are the violets.
They only last a minute or so. Very fleeting & delicate!
I started to get my gear together and made sure to have a good warm breakfast. Having a good breakfast before going out on a winter shoot cannot be overly stated! It’s just a prerequisite………..”IF” you want to stay warm.
I headed out on my bike and rode through a very quiet,dark, snowy town. I forgot to tell you that the power was off as well. If you look at this shot you will notice that there are no lights on anywhere! There was a million stars out!
My tire tracks were on virgin snow as I rode through town to the water tower. The tower is the best spot to view the harbour. (Unfortunately this shot single highhandedly has made this spot too popular and I no longer can go there)
I pulled all my gear up on a rope, set up & began to wait for the magic! I knew (or hoped) something was going to happen at sunrise but didn’t know exactly what?
It was like watching Nature do a very slow dance just for me! Nobody else was watching……….just little old me!A second storm was moving in from the Pacific. It arrived in the centre of the harbour (from my perspective of course) right at sunrise! Perfect timing!
In hindsight I now wish I had a video camera recording the whole shebang ! Ah hindsight eh!
The light half a hour later was completely different!
This pano is composed of 6 film shots. I was shooting only film back in those days.
I remember being spent after this sunrise shoot and going back to bed when I got home!
It was a remarkable moment for me to witness!