Tofino Guide Book

This book just came out . It has one of my pictures on the cover. I took that shot on October 3rd/09,near sunset.
I had waited 17 months for all my ducks to line up for this shoot! I only shoot my aerials near sunset for two reasons.
Aerial photography’s biggest problem is that the land flattens out. By shooting near sunset,you get shadows that give the land texture!
The second reason is that it’s in golden light!
I sometimes see a scene and will remember it. When the lighting is perfect I will wait until it’s at it’s ripest moment and take the shot!
I needed there to be no clouds on the eastern and western horizons. The full moon had to be coming up as the sun was setting as well. The clouds were the biggest problem. They always are. They either block the moon rising or snuff the light in the west.

This book was done by John Platenius . I looked it over and think he did a great job with it! It’s got all the info you would ever need for getting around Tofino!