20171223-Tranquil Tree Pano



I went up in Tranquil valley for some winter/Christmas camping.Decided to decorate a “wild” tree. A wild tree is anything that hasn’t been planted by a human.

I found this big old stump out on the flood area in the estuary. It looks like it may of been cut many a moon ago,leaving just the stump behind.Over the course of time the wood has decayed enough to produce a viable soil for plants & trees to find purchase.

Not sure what kind of tree this was but suspect a spruce as the needles pricked at my fingers.

A perfect spot to be sure but the light was crappy! It was all in shade.Some cloud came over to ruin my Christmas photo! Mother Nature delivered up a lump of coal,but it still has merit!


20140421-IMG_106620140421-IMG_104520140421-IMG_1041Merry Christmas folks!
I went out last April 21st with my tree decorations & decorated this “wild” tree. A “natural art bomb” if you will!
It took me awhile to clear all the small bushes away! I have since gone back with my chainsaw & cut that bush to the left down! I will reshoot in the Spring when the snow pack is the greatest!
Someone planted Daffodils on this rocky islet & they come up right on cue each year. This small islet between Morpheus & Meares island has no name,so I am calling it “Daffodil islet.