20130414-IMG_9125I missed the Atlin Post coming into the harbour with Strathcona’s mountains in behind,but not the “Tamanawas”.
I saw the “Tamanawas” coming into the harbour & just waited for her to enter into my already chosen spot. She must of just harvested Salmon at one of Creative Salmon’s farms.


I measured the distance on a map from where I first saw the “Tamanawas” coming around Aseuth Point. I was 2000 meters away & yet I could easily tell she was heavily loaded down! The boat was kicking up a good bow wave,so I knew instantly that she must of just harvested a pen of fish & was heading back into town to unload!
The Tamanawas is the harvesting boat for Creative Salmon.

The light came today & so, I was called by Mother Nature to come out & play! Which I did with relish of course! I heard a Whale watching boat went down to Cannery to visit with the Lions? When I heard this I told the person that the Lions had left late February & Cannery should be vacant!
Well,what do I know eh? When one of these Zodiac drivers go somewhere they have a reason & know more about whats going on than me.
So I headed down to Cannery to check & see If the Lions had come back………………….& they hadn’t!
There were no Lions in Cannery!! I strongly suspected that I would find none home. These drivers have just started thier season. I’ve been out there all winter! I’m out there all year actually!
I tied up to the float & had my hot soup & ham sandwich! Always really sweet to have lunch outdoors.
I finished & headed back in. I stopped by Rob’s place at Gunner for tea & a chat. I’m very jealous of his lifestyle! He lives in a floathouse & lives the kind of life I dream of!
I said bye to Rob & went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. They both were active.
I continued on to Moe & Maggie’s place. I got a series of rare shots with both of them in the same frame! I was pleasantly surprised!!
I moved onto Romeo & Juliette at Deadman. Now,they are always a treat & tonight was no exception.
I got shots of a Gull snapping up a fish in their territory. Romeo would have none of this! He promptly set upon this Gull & you can see the poor Gull realizing it’s mistake. He literally crapped his pants & will remember his run in with Romeo! Romeo grabbed the fish & flew up with it.
He promptly dropped that fish as well & the Gull actually made a second effort to get it,but realized what it was about to do & decided valor was a better choice!
Another great day out in the wilds of Tofino folks!

The Tamanawas

I managed to get out in the boat today. Went straight up into Fortune Channel looking for bears. The tide was right,but the bears didn’t think so! Cause they weren’t around! No Boo Boo’s tonight. I have no idea why? Sometimes it takes years to figure out patterns?
I than came back out of Fortune and went down Tofino Inlet to Cannery Bay. I wanted to see if the Sea Lions have moved back in?………and no they haven’t!
I than decided to head back into town to visit my eagle friends but noticed that a large thick cloud layer was moving in from the west and the light was about to go bye bye!
Basically I got a few Pano’s tonight!
I really was striking out tonight!
Still,it was great getting out in Nature! Always is!


I was able to get out today but not without paying!
What I mean by that, is that the wind was up! (like yesterday) I didn’t or couldn’t stand about with great light and not be able to get out,so I had to try?
Putting the boat in from shore when the waves are crashing against the shore is a dangerous thing to do! I could damage the boat or just get a soaker and either one of those scenarios was not my cup of tea I’m afraid!
I managed to get out but the harbour was still unpleasant. I wore my rain gear to keep dry from the slop and spray.
Imagine wearing rain gear when there are no clouds in the sky!
The good thing about the wind is that when the NW comes in,it only affects the harbour . Once I get down the inlet,all is well. I get into the wind shadow of Meares Island. The mountains/ridge line provides a great protection from the NW and West winds.
I went up to Fortune Channel today looking for bears but knew the odds were against me. The tide was too high and it was coming in as well.
I didn’t find any bears so I checked out Mosquito Harbour which is on the NE corner of Meares Island. Nobody ever comes into Mosquito….or at least I have never seen anyone there when I was there?
I found not only thousands of Jellys there but many dozen Harbour Porpoises milling about!
Those Porpoises seem to be residents. I only see them up in Fortune Channel really and they seem to like it more around or near Mosquito bay.

I left Mosquito & had a quick visit with Delilah and the Daredevil at Tsapee Narrows. They were not very active tonight.
I moved on to Romeo and Juliette at Deadman island and they both were active,but I arrived too late for good light! The winds made the waves large enough to slow my travel time and I arrived too late to get either of them in golden light!

Still it was great getting out even if it was challenging!
Another great day to be alive in Tofino folks!

Almost forgot to mention that this boat (Tamanawas) is Creative Salmon’s new boat for harvesting their salmon. Creative Salmon is a fish farm company. She was coming in to the fuel dock to fill up.

The Tamanawas

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I did a big tour today! I went down to Cannery Bay and than north to Tranquil Inlet,and than over to Gunner inlet and finally around and up to Fortune Channel!
I didn’t see much down the inlet. Fortune is where the gold was tonight! I met a Sow with two cubs! I recognized her and she to me. The cubs looked chubby! Good to see!
Our bears do not hibernate. As a matter of fact,bears do not hibernate technically. It’s a misnomer. They simply go into a deep sleep. Whats the difference? Talk to a biologist about that.
Bears have evolved to go into a deep sleep to conserve energy. The snow covers all the food and it’s much colder. Which would mean lots of “extra” food because of the heat needed to keep warm!
So they go to sleep to conserve energy.
Our coastal bears have no snow to deal with (very little) and also have food around them year round. So they basically go to sleep for awhile and get up for something to eat and than back to sleep.
Animals adapt to the environment they are in.

I saw the Tamanawas heading east in Browning Pass. It is owned by a local fish farm.(Creative Salmon)