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As soon as I got out tonight I knew that the light was going to fail! I planned on meeting friends down at Tsappee Narrows,but after looking down that way and seeing the shadow,I figured I’d head out to the Lighthouse to shoot the Bartlett.
I had a walk with friends out at Chesterman’s beach this afternoon and saw the Bartlett anchored out front. I’ve always wanted to get some good shots of this ship and I guess that night is tonight!
I could see everything else was in shade but we were staying in the sunshine in our location.
The Bartlett was anchored a few klicks north of the Lighthouse.
I just motored around the Bartlett looking at the different angles. I really liked the clouds! Those clouds are a direct result of the sun coming out today and having a very wet Rainforest exposed to heat!
Basically these clouds are “Rainforest clouds”!