T 077A aka: HAPPY

20140610-IMG_688620140610-IMG_6887This Orca has been hanging around the area for a few days & taunting me! I’ve been looking for him but have been unlucky……………………………………………….. until tonight!
I went up into Fortune Channel looking for him. I passed at least 6 whale/bear watching boats coming back on my way up there so I knew there was something up there attracting everyones attention! I saw a large splash way down (north) on the eastern side & knew instantly that it must be him!
Sure enough it was & he was breaching!
Rod Palm identified him as T049C,born in 98. He has no name,so I’m going to call him HAPPY.Why? Any creature that is all by it’s self & jumping for joy has to be a happy soul!
He was heading south,so I shadowed him for almost 3 hours. After passing through Dawley Pass,he decided to turn left (eastward) & go down Tofino Inlet. If he had turned right,he would of gone back into town.
The sun was getting low & some fog was already moving in. He surfaced near me & I yelled thank you & headed back to try & get some eagle/sunset shots before the light was snuffed. I stopped at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. I was pushed for time because the fog was very close to swallowing the sun! I only had time for a few shots & that was it. Low cloud was covering everything,so I decided to call it.

Had a fantastic visit with my new friend “Happy” & hope to see him again!