The last few days Tofino has been getting snow. We do get it yearly but not that often. I miss the snow to be honest. I grew up with plenty of snow and always did so many wonderful things! My favorite was winter camping. Tracking animals was much easier in the snow!

Ernie and Ethel were perched on top of their Strawberry island perch. They are staying close to each other these days as its mating season. Wherever Ethel goes Ernie is always close behind.


20130827-20070315-Untitled-65-2I shot this on March 15th,2008. I shot it from the highest spot one can get in Tofino………up on the water tower.
It had snowed during the night & I went up there early to see if anything was going to happen? I’m looking eastward down Browning Pass. The Daredevil & Delilah live on a island down there in the centre.


In the morning I rode down to shoot the sunrise. These are the Strawberry Island float-houses. I am looking north.
Later In the afternoon,I went out in my boat and tried to shoot from the same area.
Same subject,but look how the light has made each shot so different!
The morning shot is cooler in temp. Whereas the afternoon’s shot, is much warmer!


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I got up early today and thought I’d head out to capture the New Year Day’s sunrise! It was so poor last night and went out with a whimper that I thought it might come in with a better bang!
It did and I was there, it was a great sunrise!

Tofino Air

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I was hoping that a plane would take off,and it did!
I wanted to shoot the plane with the moon in the background. I got lucky and a Tofino Air Beaver not only took off ,but did it broadside to me and it was perfect!
I would of liked the moon to be alittle brighter,but thats what happens when the moon sets in the morning.The closer it gets to the horizon,the more pale it’ll appear.
Tofino Air’s Beaver took off to the north and turned to the east.

Atleo Air And The Full Moon

This is the plane that went down. I found that I had shot this last December 2nd. I’m going to leave it here,I want to think of it in this way.
I think it shows a beautiful moment.
(and no,this is not photo shopped)
It’s a cropped shot . I shot this early December 2nd. The moon was setting as the sun was rising. The moon set at 8:39 am that day. There was some thin clouds obscuring the moon’s face as well.
He happened to be taking off when I was out and I did a series of shots.
He was about 1 mile away when I shot this with my big lens. It compresses the foreground and background.Thats why the moon looks so large.

Atleo Air Floatplane

I shot this last December (2nd) in the cold early morning light. They were heading out.
(the posted date is not the true date)
This is the time that they flew in front of the moon. That shot is above. (“Atleo Air and the Full Moon”)The warm light adds to both shots.
I was out to shoot the full moon setting in the early morning light over the harbour. I always wait for subjects to enter into my set scene and Atleo came along at the right moment.I did a series of shots and the final shot was of the plane with the full moon setting in front of them.
I would like to end the story on that note, because that is the way I want to remember it….

Browning Pass Sunrise

This sunrise is looking down Browning Pass.
This shot has true colour & was amazing to watch!
I have many sunsets,but sunrises are uncommon. Normally we are all still sleeping when a sunrise happens,but a sunset happens when we are all awake. So I have many sunsets & few sunrises.
This is one.


This is the harbour at sunrise when the moon was setting. I like to get out(when there’s no clouds) when the moon is just right to shoot! The moon can only be shot at certain times. The exposure of the moon is in a constant state of change,until it hits the blackness of night and than reverses the cycle when it sets in the west.
That is what is happening here.
The white boat in the background is the “Vargas Island”.


This is another rare moment. In order to shoot something like this,both the western and eastern horizons must be free of clouds. tricky when you only have one morning per month to get it.
I’m always mindful of the moon’s cycles. The best shots seem to be about two days before the full moon. So that the best light is happening.