20150201-IMG_8716When you see these Halos,it’s a foreteller of rain coming usually within 24 hours.
The arc is created by billions of tiny plates of ice. The plates are hexagonal shaped & refract the light.
If you were to look at a typical rain storm cross section,it would be composed of water droplets ranging in size from small (outer edge) to large (centre) & to small again on the trailing end.
The very smallest droplets precede the storm. They can be hundreds of miles from the centre of the storm. The fine vapour is at a high altitude & so freezes. They freeze into transparent hexagonal plates. These plates act in the same fashion as prisms & bend the light.
So when you see these arcs,it’s Mother Natures way of telling you to get out the rain gear!


I did get out today but I already knew that some high cloud (Cirrus) would be moving in & diffusing the light.
The weather has been & will continue to be poor! So when today arrived,I jumped at the opportunity,even if the light didn’t excite me! I do prefer clear skys,but with some cumulus clouds scattered about. The Cirrus clouds always diminish the suns intensity & colour too much for my wants!

Some photographers prefer this diffused light. If you had a 100 photographers in a room & asked them what their opinion would be on this……’d get 101 different reasons!
Everyone has their own unique style. I am interested in the cream of the light myself. The last half hour before sunset is what I want! Thats when those rich colours come screaming through the atmosphere! If there’s any diffusion by thin clouds,that richness is diminished considerably!

At first glance this shot does not look very interesting. However……. notice that con (condensation) trail. It’s casting a shadow!
Halo’s happen because of ice crystals high up in the air refracting and dispersing the photons of light.
The con trail is thick enough to block the light & cast a shadow. That shadow is being projected onto more ice crystals behind the con trail.
If you have a creative mind,you can almost imagine that it looks like one of those “STOP” signs!! It looks like Mother Nature is trying to say that this area is a “NO SUN ZONE”! How fitting!
This is not to be confused with a “Sun Dog”. If you look at the sun like a clock. Sun Dogs only occur at the 9 & 3 positions & look like little mini rainbows.

I went straight down to Cannery Bay today & am very sad to inform you all that the Lions “have left the building”! I expected it,but it was still sad to see (& not hear)! I tied up to the float they always loved to pile on & had my lunch. The only company I had was a Raven.
After lunch, I decided to go up into Fortune Channel to look for bears. The tide was out so I thought there might be a chance to catch one out?
I was striking out big time today! NO Lions & no bears! Oh bother……
I went back into town to visit with a few of my eagle friends. Their always there cause I know where they live!
Just a few shots today folks. Maybe some more next week?