Lion Rock

I should say that there are two rocks that they use but I call them both “Lion Rock”. They are about 2 klicks apart. They are on them right now because they are waiting. They are waiting for the earth’s poles to head back to the south. Then the sun can go further into Cannery bay. If there is no sun,you won’t find them there. The only real estate at the moment in the sun are these two rocky islets. Later when the sun gets higher in the sky,they will start to hang around in Cannery. Cannery right now is very dark and cold! There is a constant cold mist above the water coming down from Kennedy lake!
These guys are sun worshipers,heat Vampires or other wise known as BIG energy soaker uppers!
All the dark ones are Californian Sea Lion’s,while the blonde boys are the BIG Steller’s! I think this rock only had Cali’s.

You can see Tranquil Inlet in the background.
I didn’t get out today. The cloud/rain always put the Kibosh on my shoots!
So I decided to put a pano I shot yesterday (18th) out tonight.


I wanted to show the setting the Sea Lions were in. You can see many many Sea Lions laying about! You can also see that slide float in the foreground as well.
The sun was heating up this entire area and I can see why this was their favorite spot!
I am looking north.