20120516-20120114-IMG_300420120516-20120114-IMG_3071I took this on January 14th (Jan 14th,2012)
I posted this shot to show you what “should” be there right now…………but isn’t!
The Lions haven’t arrived yet! They are overdue & the only reason I can think of is “food”! All animals follow the food! (terrestrial or aquatic) If the Lions aren’t in yet than logic dictates that the food can’t be there either.
The ocean’s currents circulate in the Pacific. The plankton are carried along on these current & the small fish follow. The bigger fish follow the smaller ones & the Lions follow the bigger fish.
I’m expecting a poor attendance this year with the Lions. The oceanic currents just aren’t bringing the plankton inland,so we’re not getting the bait fish.
I do expect they’ll show up sooner or later but in fewer numbers.

Size Does Matter!

I laughed when I saw this.
All of the big blonde guys are the large Stellers and the darker ones are Californian’s. The Stellers can grow to be twice the size of a Cali!
It would appear that the Stellers know the best real estate is at the top of the rock. (reminds me of Humans)
The Stellers have hogged the top of the rock and the poor little Cali’s have to be content with being lower on the rock. The poor things……:(
They’ll work it out. Competition for territory,food, mating almost always goes like this……………” HE WHO IS LARGEST, RULES”!
Yes,in Nature size does matter! Always has been,still is and will always be that way for eternity!


My furry friends were just lazing about. The light was poor but I took a few shots and headed back into town.
I’m always watching for Sea Lions milling about on the surface! I stay far away from those boys! I hit one of them last year and it sent me and my boat up into the air like the Dukes of Hazard! Scared the hell out of me too!
The Sea Lions just do not seem to be aware of whats going on around them! Each of them (Cali’s) can weigh in around half a ton, & the Stellars are even bigger at 1.2 tons! So it behooves me to pay attention!

Lining Up for the Slide!

This seems to be prime real estate for my furry friends! The float looked lower in the water! Must be more of them on it today?
I bet there will be a mess in the Spring time when they leave!
I’m think I’d like to explore the forests after they leave . Maybe I’ll find a few dead ones? I could set up my Trail Camera to catch animals preying upon the carcass??

New Water World Theme Park!

The line up for that new slide ride looks brutal!

I was able to get out today! Finally!!!!!!
I needed that so badly! All my furry friends were in fine form.
This float is down in Cannery Bay (well,very close at least)and is used by the local Natives during the summer time. When it gets hot,many of them go down to this spot to cool off ,and it would appear that others go here in the winter to warm up! Seasonal irony I suppose?
The entire float was flush with the water level. Each one of these males can weigh in at half a ton! There may be 20 tons on this float right now! No wonder the float is almost submerged!
The light was good in the morning ,but by the time I got out(2pm) a high overcast covered us. I was alittle ticked,but soon realized that it was just passing through. I saw blue sky to the west and just waited for the cloud cover to pass over before I started shooting. Gave me time to have lunch with my friends and observe them.

It was a good day out! Lots of fun and adventure today!
Like a breath of fresh air……………..I needed that!