A friend phoned me up today & told me he had a Snowy Owl at his place! Adrian Dorst is widely recognized as the “Bird Man” of the West Coast! He has a passion for our feathered friends!
Jim Darling captured the Owl down near Tonquin & brought it to Adrian. If a bird is injured,people automatically bring it to Adrian!
This Owl is a young female. It was born last Summer up in Canada’s far north. (Arctic circle)
Adrian thinks the youngster is simply very hungry,& not injured. He has been feeding it chicken & she has been gobbling it up as fast as he can bring it!
It is being transported tomorrow to the other side of the island to a Rehab centre. Adrian feels that they will be keeping it for the Winter & releasing in the Spring.
He just about had a major problem as well!
He had left the apartment for awhile & when he came back,he found the Owl had gotten out of it’s enclosure! He also found his cat nonchalantly checking out the Owl! Remember that this is the largest Predator (Owl’s) in North America & was hungry!!
I guess he had feed the Owl sufficiently before going out & all was fine for kitty!
Kitty had no idea how close it came to getting into trouble!
Here are a few facts about Snowy’s.
They are 20-28 inches long,49-59 inches for their wingspan & weight anywhere between 3.5 – 6.6 lbs.They are one of the largest Owl’s In North America & the heaviest!Adult males are pure white with the females/young showing dark scalloping. They nest on the ground but have been known to move into an abandoned eagles nest occasionally!
They can have anywhere between 5-14 eggs in a clutch.
They predominantly are a Canadian bird & rarely travel outside the boundaries.The Snowy Owl is the official bird of Quebec.