This tree stands near Rankin cove. I believe its a Sitka and is dead. It stands out amongst the other trees.I’ve never seen a eagle perched on top and always wondered why? Eagles like high trees like this but for some reason I’ve never seen one there. As I went past today I did finally see one perched on top. This tree would be hundreds of years old but has zero growth anywhere so it must be dead. Trees will remain standing long after they die.Sooner or later a large wind storm will come along and bring it down where it will become a nurse log. All the nutrients will be absorbed back into the forest. So a tree can last hundreds of years after it has died.


Large Sitka Spruce

In shots like these,I always like to have a person in the shot for perspective. I was by myself and with me being too shy in front of a camera,I decided to shoot it by it’s self.
This is the largest Sitka I have ever seen. Sitka like the front of a forests edge. They can tolerate high salt levels.
They are also used as the finest sound board for musical instruments.