Sakauye Jinmatsu

This person was born in 1881 and died in 1938.I say person because I do not know if this was a male or female?
I find it odd that their was no month for birth or death? I assume that the people who buried this person did not know him or her very well?
Someone who knows Japanese may be able to read the wooden tombstone?
The Japanese settled here in Tofino but were rounded up after Pearl Harbour and held in detention camps.
After the war,the Japanese did not or could not settle back into Tofino.

Update:July 23rd,2015 – Just found out from a relative (Chris Sakauye) that this person was a male. Sakauye Jinmatsu was his Great Grandfather.

Update: July 29th,2015 -I’m Chris’s uncle and I’ll leave a little more background on Jinmatsu. He was buried on Morpheus island and his grave marker was joined by the more modern one in the late 90’s by his surviving children at the time. The Sakauye family, during the early part of the century (up to 1942) lived on the Eik property and the Eik cedar was well remembered by all.