The RCMP have several boats here in Tofino. This type of boat is called a RIB,Ridged Inflatable Boat.The boat I use is also a RIB,just much smaller!

This boat is called the “Eagle”.It’s the boat used to by the RCMP for two native villages,Ahousaht & Opitsat.

It was coming to the dock in Tofino at sunset.

The Chiboum and The Nadon

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The Chiboum is the fishing boat in the foreground. The Nadon is in the far background. The Nadon is a RCMP vessel and was just leaving the harbour. It looked like it may of been going up to Ahoushat way? A native village further up the coast.
The Chiboum may have been coming in with a load of Geoduck? I think(?) there is a opening on right now,but I’m guessing. I haven’t asked anybody if this is true or not?
At any rate,they were coming in,and the Nadon was heading out.