WAKANA (T011) & RAINNY (T011A)





I heard of some Orcas coming into the inlet! I can only really take shots of Orcas when they come on the inside.If they are out in open ocean I can never tell where they are going to come up but If they go on the inside (down Tofino inlet), the more narrow channels corrals them. When they sound (dive) they are more predictable where they will be coming back up.

I went down the inlet looking for them.Turns out it was Wakana & her son Rainny! My favourite mother son combination! Wakana was born in 1963.She had Rainny when she was 15 years old.Rainny was born in 1978. Rainny is a real mummies boy but don’t tell him that. Rainny is a big boy,5tons at 25 feet! They are always seen together. They are called “The Wakana’s” & visit clayoquot sound frequently!

When I first spotted them at a distance,I could see Rainny spy hopping & than 30 seconds later breach clear of the water! I was too far away & travelling too fast to even try to take a shot. Unfortunately, he didn’t do any more spy hopping or breaching again!

They gave me the slip several times! They are well known for escaping from whale watching boats. I never did get any shots of them in bright light,but will be content with what I did get!

I always love visiting with them!


I didn’t get out today. It was another poor day for shooting! I think I’m on day 8 or 9 now from not being able to get out in my boat? Plus, it doesn’t look good for getting out anytime in the near future either!
Having said that I thought I’d reintroduce two Orca’s I had the good fortune of running into near Tsapee Narrows.
I originally shot these on October 6th,2010. In golden light to boot!
The smaller one is the mother “Wakana”.(T011,born < 63). The big boy with the 6 foot dorsal is her son "Rainny".(011A,born < 78).
They are frequent visitors to our area & seem to travel by themselves more than with others.( Making “Rainny” a true momma’s boy!)
I first saw them looking eastward from Tsapee Narrows. I was visiting with the Daredevil & his mate Delilah. I saw a slow progression of several boats come around the SE corner (Auseth Point) of Meares & knew instantly that it must be Orca's!
Boats are always traveling fast,but if there's something of interest,they slow down.
I always joke with the tourists about this. I tell them if they're interested in seeing whales,don't bother looking for whales!
Just look for whale watching boats moving slowly!
Whales are at the surface momentarily. So they are hard to see at a distance. But you sure can see a large boat moving slowly!
Look at the direction the boats are traveling & look forward of them. Thats most likely where the whales will breach.

Wakana & Rainny arrived right at sunset! I couldn’t of written it any better!
I look forward to meeting them again!!
Credit to Rod Palm (http://www.strawberryisle.org/)