Storm Watching

Where this person is ,is a part of Frank Island that one can only get to by crossing a surge channel. Very few people go over there and the owners of the island do not allow just anybody over here.
Frank is a private island. People do go to the centre of Frank to watch the waves,sunsets!
I think this guy must be a friend or relation to the owners? When he came back,he went to the house.
He’s standing in a spot that I want to shoot one of my nude models in. I’ve been waiting for the right conditions to do that. Really tricky stuff!
It has to be at sunrise after a big storm. No clouds to the east,low tide and finding an available model! Not too much to ask for!!

Another Shooter

I met this woman out at Frank Island.
She has a love for photography as well!
I checked out her site and she is very good!
We hung out for awhile at the south end of Frank Island. We both were taking in all the energy from the storm and the waves crashing!
It’s always great to meet someone with passion!

Piggy Back

The clouds moved in today and the light went bye bye!
I went out to Chesterman’s beach and over to Frank Island. Because I had my boots on,I was able to cross to the island. This couple must of seen me going over and thought they could do it as well.
They didn’t have boots and were stopped by the shallow water. He decided to be a chivalrous gentleman and give his partner a Piggy Back ride,to spare her from getting her feet wet!

Beach Runner

Many people were taking advantage of the “Rain Stoppage” and getting out to do their thing!
Like me.
You can see that the surf was up and as a result,the surfers were down. Very few were out surfing. Too sloppy I suppose? I’m not a surfer,so do not understand these things.

Beach Run

Many people run on the beach. They drive their cars to the beach and than go for a run. They would get more exercise if they rode a bike there and then go for a run,but thats just me. I’m biasis because I get around by using my bike.
Tofino is such a small town that a bike is perfect to get around on. We have a great bike path too, but almost everyone uses their cars.
Go figure…..


I found not one,not two,but three video cameras concentrating on these two surfers. They must be good to get their own video crew! I zoomed in on the guys and did not recognize them,but that doesn’t mean much.I know very few surfing faces anyways!
I went out to the beach today and dragged the camera along just for something to do. The light was terrible! I normally do not bother when the light is like this. But even I get bored!

Celebration of Light

Unfortunately the celebration was short lived! A rain cloud came by and chased these youth away!
They couldn’t get out to Frank Island because of the tide. You can see how the water covered the beach access to the island.I believe it’s called a “Trumbolo”? Don’t quote me.I’m not sure?
You can see some God Rays(Crepuscular) happening with the cloud structure in behind.

Chesterman’s Sunset

Everyone always seems to gather at the beach to watch the sunset. Because the tide was in ,people had to stay in this spot. They wanted to go over to Frank island to watch the sunset,but decided they didn’t like wet feet! I waited until sunset and was hoping that a Kite Surfer would be out zipping around ,but it didn’t happen.
The island blocking the sunset is Wickaninnish Island.

Diga-Pose or Diga-Posing?

I have a term I use to describe what people do when they take a picture with a digital camera.
I call it the diga-pose! People always hold the camera up to look at the screen on the back. I can see this pose 1/2 mile away and tell you exactly what those folks are doing.
With these folks ,you can physically see the light off of the screen and I waited for the Lighthouse to come around.
The afterglow was beautiful !