20121215-Dock Pano,December 15th,2012It was not only overcast today but we actually got several inches of snow this morning! So I wasn’t able to get out. The reason why I took this shot is because I was hoping that some light would come through the clouds & light up the harbour? It almost did! Lone Cone got lite up but only for a few minutes & that was it!
So i thought what the hell,I’ll shoot it anyways. Just a few token shots before I leave for vacation folks.
I’ll be back in January! Have a great holiday!


I found this male bear just on the outside of Gunner Inlet. He was heading into it,but I couldn’t hang around that long. I stayed with him for awhile & than went into Gunner to check for any other bears. Couldn’t find a one on the inside,so I booked it & headed over into Fortune Channel.