20131121-IMG_094420131121-IMG_093820131121-IMG_0950I don’t care what anyone else says,but going out Paddle Boarding on a day when it’s 5 degrees in Bermuda shorts,barefoot with no emergency gear is just plain NUTS!
Can you say “HYPOTHERMIA”………cause I’m sure the Coroner can write it on the death certificate!


20130707-IMG_841920130707-IMG_842320130707-HARBOUR PANO,JULY 7TH,2013A friend phoned me just as I was getting out in my boat. He told me that there were Orca’s north of Meares island! The same pod I photographer a few weeks ago,T069’s.
If I had gotten the call a few minutes later I would not of heard the call. I travel with my headphones on listening to my music. It cuts out the loudness of the motor as well.
A group I know was getting out onto the water right where I put my boat in. They were in a dug canoe & stand up paddling boards. Took a few shots of them & I was off!
It was easy to find the Orca’s! I just looked for a bunch of boats not moving. Found them up by Cyper river. I prefer them to be in closer quarters. When Orca’s are out in the open you can never tell where they are going to be coming up? But if they are in narrow channels,you can make a good guess where they are going to be coming up! Sort of like cattle being put down a chute to load.
They reversed their course & went between acouple whale watching boats much to the delight of the tourists! I got some good shots of the large female surfacing right in front of them! You can see the shocked faces!
They went down & didn’t surface for awhile & when they did it was in the shadow of a mountain. (Catsface) The only shots you could take than are from the west looking east & that just seemed too difficult to try,so I said goodbye & headed over into Fortune Channel. I normally come into Fortune from the south end but because of the Orca’s location tonight I was going to be coming in from the north.
I had some motor trouble right in Matlaset Narrows but managed to get to shore to have a look. I determined it was my plugs & simply changed them. I continued onto my way into Fortune.
Found a Sow with two cubs,but I must of not been paying attention & spooked her. I must admit that time was not on my side tonight! The sun was low in the west & I had many miles to travel. So I must of come in to her to loud. I normally drift into the bear from the upwind side,but I didn’t have time to wait tonight.
Apologized to them & continued on my way south looking for more of my furry friends. Found one walking slowly along the shore & the light was fantastic! It walked right by a large downed tree. Best background prop yet!
Said goodnight to him/her(?) & went back into town.
Because of the time,I knew I’d be missing the sunset in town,so I did some silhouette shots with the afterglow.
Tsapee narrows was good but by the time I got to Deadman Island,even the afterglow was almost gone. So poor Romeo is not presented in his best light!
All in all,had a great venture tonight! Seeing the T069’s again was great! Hope to see them again,but maybe down the inlet in closer confines.

Paddle Boarding

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That Low pressure cell went over us today and as to be expected,the winds picked up!
Which means there was no way I was going to go out in the slop. The tide is all wrong for me anyways. The high tide is coming around close to sunset and that means the bears will be napping and not searching for food along the shore line!
Their lives revolve around with the tides.
So…….no bears tonight unfortunately. Instead I went out to South Chesterman’s to shoot some surfers.The clouds were interesting!

These two Paddle Boarders were heading out further. You can see either Frank or Frieda flying around in the background.

Paddle Boarding

20100824-20100824-IMG_6733I caught two of these guys paddling their surf boards across the Harbour. They are from that sailing boat “Mycia”.
They were heading back over to their boat. It looked like the guy was walking on water at a distance! Considering that he ‘s only dressed in street cloths,I figured he must be very good at doing this!

Paddle Surfing

I got lucky and the clouds were great. We call these kind of clouds “God Rays”. I’m sure you understand why!
The only foreground subject I could find was this Paddle Surfer. I didn’t have enough time to get over to the far south side of Frank island and shoot the Lighthouse with these Rays above it. I was too far north to get them over the Lighthouse.