20130506-IMG_1645The “Pacific Spray” was heading to harvest Atlantic Salmon at one of Mainstreams fish farms.
The Spray normally goes around Meares on it’s west side,but they were heading around to the east side of Meares. Which meant only one thing. They are heading to harvest at their Fortune Channel site. They just installed a new farm system at Plover Pt. The fish wouldn’t be ready for harvest yet,so the only other farm close by is the Fortune Channel site.


The wind was down today so I was able to get out! The last two days had strong westerly’s!
The tide was high as well,so I already knew that the number of bears out & about would be reduced considerably! Having said that,I did come across three!
A Sow/cub (Maw & Chubby),& a single adult!
I found “Maw” & “Chubby” in Fortune Channel & that other single bear in Gunner Inlet. The sun has shifted much further south! When I left Fortune Channel to go over into Gunner Inlet,I could clearly see several klicks away that it was already in shade! There is a ridge to the SW of Gunner that is now blocking the light when the sun gets low! I’ll have to go into Gunner first from now on.
I returned into the harbour for sunset & noticed that there were few clouds for the sunset. I went to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & was surprised to find Juliette!! She & Romeo did fly over to greet me! however,that was it for Juliette’s greetings for the night. She just sat in the tree watching Romeo & I.
Spent some quality time with them both at any rate! The sun set & said goodnight to them both.
A good night’s shoot!

The “Pacific Spray” was heading out to do a harvest. It’s the harvest boat used by “Mainstream” at their fish farms.

Pacific Spray

The Pacific Spray is owned by Mainstream. A local fish farm company. They raise Atlantic Salmon. This boat is their harvest boat and was heading out at sunset to do a harvest at one of their farms. They load up with a ice/water mixture in their holds.
After arriving at the farm to be harvested,they pull up the net up to corral the fish into a tighter area. They than suck the salmon out with a Venture system. Basically it’s a very large vacuum.
Once up on the boat,they go into a water bath that has CO2 in it. It reduces the oxygen content and makes the fish docile to handle. One of the gills is cut and then it is slid down a trough into one of those holds with slushy ice in it. The fish bleed out in the hold. It’s important to get the blood out of the fish to keep the meat from going bad.

Pacific Spray and Moon

I normally do not get up early and go out at sunrise,but the moon was setting and I thought I’d go down to the harbour to see what I could see?
The moons path was too far north to go out to the beach. I would not be able to line up the moon with the Lighthouse.
The Pacific Spray is the harvest boat for Mainstream. They are one of two fish farming companys in Tofino.