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Today is the anniversary of the last BIG earthquake in the Pacific Northwest! It was 318 years ago tonight (January 26th,1700).It hit at 9:16pm & was estimated to be between 8.2-9.2. The Tsunami travelled at the speed of a jet plane across the Pacific & hit Japan 10 hours later!

Japanese fishermen left early in the morning with their boats to go fish out in deep water.When they came back at the end of the day their homes & villages were gone! The tsunami went right under their boats,they didn’t notice a thing. Tsunamis only show themselves in shallow waters & usually by that time it’s too late to run.

This Tsunami was called the “Orphan” tsunami because the Japanese didn’t know where it came from? There was no earthquake? It didn’t come from the Japanese coast but from the west coast of North America. The epicentre was roughly 150 kilometres west of Salem Oregon.(45N,125W)

A section 1000 kilometers(620miles) of the Cascadia subduction zone let loose suddenly & the land subsided 20 meters(66 feet). What had taken hundreds of years to build up,was released in one second! The effect must of been felt for hundreds of miles inland!

Of course the only inhabitants along the west coast in 1700 at that time were the FN.Many villages were wiped out from not just the tsunami but also land/rockslides. I could not find any data on how many died but suspect it would be measured in the thousands?

With all the build up along the west coast now, the next  large earthquake death toll will be horrific! Most certainly measured in the hundreds of thousands.Not to mention the destruction to all the major cities along the coast & the financial toll that would be felt for decades!

…………the worst part is there isn’t a dam thing that can be done about it!

Of course, if you see a large truck barrelling down the road,you get out of the way. Unfortunately we do not know when that truck is next coming? So by the time you see it,….it’s too late.

I suppose being aware of it helps some in preparation but the vast majority will be caught with their pants down!

Good luck!