I had second thoughts about heading out tonight when I went down to the harbour & saw all the fog! However,I know two things that most do not!
I not only know that there would be no fog in Fortune Channel or Gunner Inlet (& there wasn’t!!),but I also know the route very well! I was able to go through the fog no problem! I use to use a compass to navigate through the thick fog at one point! If you stay on a bearing,at a certain RPM for a set length of time,you have a “Vector”! A means of knowing where you are roughly. It gets you in the ball park.
I managed to get up into Fortune Channel & found a bear at the south end. I haven’t seen this bear before. I noticed it had a larger than normal “blonde”colour to it’s mouth! All of the bears on Vancouver island have this trait! After a short visit with my newly found furry friend,I skipped on over into Gunner Inlet. I came across my furry buddy “Li’l Red”! He seems to like this one area for the fresh greens I suppose! Great place to dine out!
I took some video as well with my GOPRO. I could see that the sun was getting lower in the sky & I could also see that the fog had advanced further into Tofino Inlet! I anticipated that. Fog seems to be fairly predictable in that regard. As the sun sets,the temperature drops slightly & the fog advances! Heat holds the fog at bay during the day,but watch out when it starts to cool off!
I left Gunner Inlet & headed back into town. I could recognize all the well known landmarks through the fog. I had become familiar with them over the years!
A interesting evenings shoot!
I found this Native canoe coming back in from a tourist outing. People pay to go out on a paddle!
They must need the exercise!